1. Reputable firms that help inventors market their inventions:
  2. Invensys
  3. Innovative Product Technologies, Inc.
  4. Evergreen IP
  5. Larta Institute
Free information on marketing: Small Business Association - Free advice on writing a business plan (also use innovation resources).

Objective, 3rd part assessment of your invention: U of Wisonsin.

Resource: For an affordable fee, the University of Wisconsin Innovation Service Center provides inventors with enough information for improved product and market development decisions. free individual counseling from Experienced Business advisors and low-cost workshops on business topics. They have more than 10,500 volunteer members nationswide in 389 chapters. They are a resource partner with the Small Business Administration. More about licensing

To see sample license agreements go to

For a fee you can find information on royalty rates across industries, visit

Recommended Further Reading:

Megantz, Robert. "Technology Management: Developing and Implementing Effective Licensing Programs." Amazon Associates.